If you’re an individual (contractor employee) who’ll work on a Campbell Arnott’s site, then you must successfully complete an online induction before starting work.

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Registering employees

Your company administrator will register you in the Contractor Management system, where you’ll be booked into online training if required. Once booked, you’ll be emailed a link to complete your induction online.

Subcontractor employees should contact the company that has engaged them to work on a Campbell Arnott’s site. That company is responsible for your compliance, including your registration and induction bookings.

Booking inductions

Once logged in to the system, company administrators should select ‘Manage Employee Data’. To register and select a role for employees, they may need to upload documents like:

  • Proof of identification (like a driver’s licence)
  • Relevant Licences
  • Trade certificates

Once your administrator has registered and booked you into training, you’ll be emailed a link to complete your online induction. At the successful completion of your induction, we’ll send you an induction card for site access.

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Registration costs

The costs for an individual registration are:

Individual registration (includes plastic card, renewed every two years): $65 ex GST per employee

Individual online induction (every 12 months): $25 ex GST per employee, per site

Replacement card: $30 ex GST per card

Employers, please click Register Now in the top left menu to register and enrol your employees in an induction.